The ° (Degree Symbol) Command

Command Summary

If the calculator is in radian mode, the ° (degree) symbol converts an angle to radians.

Command Syntax


Menu Location


  1. [2nd]
  2. [Angle]
  3. [Enter] or [1]

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

1 byte

Normally, when the calculator is in radian mode, the trigonometric functions only return values calculated in radians. With the ° symbol you can have the angle evaluated as if in degree mode because it converts the angle into radians.

One full rotation around a circle is 2π radians, which is equal to 360°. To convert an angle in radians to degrees you multiply by 180/π, and to convert from degrees to radians multiply by π/180.

In radian mode:

sin(45)        \\ actually calculating sin(2578.31)

In degree mode:
    .7071067812    \\ There's no difference when in degrees


When you only call the trig function once in a program and want it calculated in degrees, instead of changing the mode you can just use ° to save one-byte (the newline from using the command Degree)

can be

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