Connect 4

Program Summary

A quality version of the classic connect 4 game.

Program Size

4,000 bytes

Uses Libraries?

No, it's pure TI-Basic

Calculator Compatibility



SiCoDe (Douglas O'Brien)

Download -or- connect.8xp

Connect 4 is one of those rare TI-Basic games that utilizes smart AI, which is important when you want to play a game, but there is nobody around to play it with. Unlike other Connect 4 clones with simple AI, where you can beat it fairly easily, the AI in this game not only doesn't any mistakes, but you need to get it into a double-bind situation in order to win (meaning you can win multiple ways at one time, but the AI can only cover any one of them each turn; just like in tic-tac-to).

In terms of gameplay, Connect 4 only provides the 1player versus AI game mode, which means that you can get tired of playing the game after a while. However, if you get tired of playing the game, you can always study the code to better learn how to put together you own Connect 4 game :D The game controls are very simple: left and right to move the cursor, and 2nd/ENTER to drop a piece down one of the slots. The game ends when somebody gets four pieces in a row, or all of the spots on the board are filled up.


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