Code of Conduct

When people visit and contribute to the wiki, we want to make sure that they find this wiki useful and an enjoyable place to be. To ensure that this happens, we have created a simple code of conduct. Please read through it, and if you have any additional things to add, please go ahead and add them. Thank you for your continued commitment to this code of conduct.

  • Always try to be respectful of other contributors, including their opinions, values, point-of-view, etc. This means no personal attacks, profanity, and especially no threatening or harassing behavior.
  • Don't advertise your programs or websites, unless they are TI-Basic related and have some unique value to them. This wiki is not a catch-all for your programs and websites; there are other websites available for that purpose, so use them instead.
  • Be kind to new contributors, since they are still learning the ropes and figuring out how to use the wiki. If you see that they need some help, go out of your way to help them. This also applies when they make contributions to the wiki.
  • Compliment others on their work. When somebody puts a considerable amount of time and energy into writing an awesome tutorial, show them that you appreciate their effort and dedication. A simple compliment goes a long way.
  • Always try to work with other contributors, instead of against them. When somebody suggests an improvement to your work, take it for what it's worth and not a personal attack on you.
  • Don't post any illegal or unlawful information, unless you are willing to face the consequences. This wiki is not responsible for your actions; you alone will be the one getting in trouble. This is just a warning for your future knowledge.
  • Whenever you reference another website or tutorial, always remember to cite it as a reference. Other people have taken their time to make those things, so you should do the right thing and cite them.
  • Always be who you are. Everybody has something to contribute to the wiki, and we don't want to make you feel like your contributions don't matter. If you have a particular writing style, use that instead of trying to imitate someone else's writing style.
  • If you downgrade someone's program, you must give a valid reason by adding a comment to the page. It is rude to not do so, and it goes against other guidelines of helping others learn.
  • Refrain from double posting. This means posting two times in a row over the course of 24 hours without another person posting in between. If you have something to add, use the edit button (only applicable to your post for regular users) found under the options menu of your post. By doing this, you are not only following the rules, but you are also making the thread cleaner to read.
  • Do not rate your own programs on the archive. This can give a false rating, and can be misleading as to what the community actually thinks of your program.


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