The ClrHome Command

Command Summary

Clears the home screen of any text or numbers.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

While editing a program, press:

  1. PRGM to enter the PRGM menu
  2. RIGHT to enter the I/O menu
  3. 8 to choose ClrHome, or use arrows

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

1 byte

There are numerous times in a program that you need a clear screen, so that you can display whatever text you want without it being interrupted. One place, in particular, is at the beginning of a program, since the previous program call(s) and any other text is typically still displayed on the screen. The simple ClrHome command is the command you use to clear the home screen.

When you use the ClrHome, it resets the cursor position to the top left corner of the home screen. This is what the Disp and Pause commands use as the reference for what line to display their text on, but it does not have any effect on Output(.

Advanced Uses

You want to make sure to clear the home screen when exiting programs (at the end of a program). This ensures that the next program that the user runs will not have to deal with whatever text your program left behind. It also helps the user, because they will not have to manually clear the home screen by pressing the CLEAR key; you have already done it for them.

Error Conditions

  • ERR:INVALID occurs if this statement is used outside a program.

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