The CLASSIC Command

Command Summary

Mode command that puts the calculator into Classic mode.

Command Syntax


Menu Location


  1. MODE
  2. DOWN until you reach MathPrint or Classic
  3. ENTER on Classic

Alternatively, use the catalog.

Calculator Compatibility

TI-84 2.53MP only

Token Size

2 bytes

CLASSIC will put the calculator into Classic mode as opposed to MathPrint mode. The Classic mode will make the calculator display everything as pre-MathPrint OS would, including input. For instance, rather than superscripting exponents as MathPrint mode would, Classic mode uses the simple caret syntax (^).

MathPrint mode:

Classic mode:

Advanced Uses

When in Classic mode, text and numbers are displayed much faster on the home screen and the function menus load faster. This can be useful in games that use the home screen, or just with calculations in general.

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