The Circle( Command

Command Summary

Draws a circle.

Command Syntax


(83+ and higher only)

(84+ CSE only)

Menu Location


  1. Press [2ND] [PRGM] to enter the DRAW menu
  2. Press [9] to insert Circle(

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

1 byte

Circle(X,Y,r) will draw a circle at (X,Y) with radius r. X and Y will be affected by the window settings. The radius will also be affected by the window settings.


Advanced Uses

The radius of a circle is affected by the window settings. This means that if the x- and y-increment is two, the radius will be two pixels. However, there is another way to take advantage of this to draw ellipses. If the x- and y-increment are different, then the shape will not be a circle. For instance, with Xmin=0, Xmax=20, Ymin=0, and Ymax=31, Circle(10,10,2) will draw an ellipse, where the width is greater than the height.


If a complex list such as {i} is passed to Circle( as the fourth argument, the "fast circle" routine is used instead, which uses the symmetries of the circle to only do 1/8 of the trig calculations. For example:

can be

Any list of complex numbers will work as the fourth argument in the same way, but there's no benefit to using any other list.

Note: The "fast circle" routine is not available on the TI-84+CSE or TI-84+CE calculators.

Command Timings

The ordinary Circle( is extremely slow. The fast circle trick discussed above cuts the time down to only about 30% of the "slow Circle(" time! While still not instant, this is faster than any replacement routine that can be written in TI-Basic.

For small radii, replace Circle( with Pt-On( instead.

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