Hall Of Fame

This is the hall of fame for all programmers who win a challenge at TI|BD.

Challenge # Program Program Description Winner
Challenge 1 TIBD01.zip Rolls user-specified # of dice burrburr
Challenge 2 TIBD02.zip Analog clock w/ AM/PM and date AJLitzau13AJLitzau13
Challenge 3 TIBD03.zip Game introduction (The Matrix) builderboybuilderboy
Challenge 4 TIBD04.zip Converts decimal to Roman numerals patriotsfanpatriotsfan
Challenge 5 TIBD05.zip Converts numbers to words Timothy FosterTimothy Foster
Challenge 6 TIBD06.zip A Custom GUI Zaphod BeeblebroxZaphod Beeblebrox
Challenge 7 CANCELED Create a program that does the order of operations backwards. CANCELED
Challenge 8 TIBD08.zip A game that is less than 1024 bytes large seb83seb83
Challenge 9 TIBD09.zip Custom GUI AJLitzau13AJLitzau13
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