The BorderColor Command

Command Summary

Changes the color of the graph border.

Command Syntax

BorderColor <color#>

Menu Location


  1. 2ND Zoom to access format menu.
  2. Scroll down to BorderColor and use arrows.

It can also be found under the catalog.

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

2 bytes

There are only 4 borders to choose from, so using the default colors will not work. Instead, you may only use a value between 1-4.

For example, to change the border color to light blue, do:

BorderColor 3

Here are the color values:

Color Value
Light Gray 1
Snowy Mint / Light Madang 2
Light Blue 3
White 4

The colors of borders 2 and 3 are not usable or accessible in any way except as a border color. The use of border colors 1 or 4 along with the appropriate background can create the illusion of a larger graph screen. However, nothing can be draw outside the standard window.

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