The BackgroundOn Command

Command Summary

Used to display a background image on the graphscreen

Command Syntax

BackgroundOn Image#
Background color
Background # (0-24)

Menu Location


  1. 2ND DRAW to access the draw menu
  2. Navigate to BACKGROUND submenu
  3. Enter or 1 to select BackgroundOn

Calculator Compatibility

TI-84+CSE and TI-84+CE

Token Size

2 bytes

With the introduction of color and a higher resolution screen than the monochrome calculators, the TI-84+CSE and TI-84+CE included the ability to display a background image on the graphscreen. The images variables are similar to the picture variables in that there 10 slots. In addition, functions can be drawn on top of images.

BackgroundOn recalls an image variable or color and displays it on the graphscreen.

:BackgroundOn Image1
is the same as
:BackgroundOn 1

Intrestingly, the following is a valid syntax, which fills the graphscreen with a light blue (18).

:BackgroundOn B+3

In addition, BackgroundOn can be used to fill the graphscreen with a solid color. The color variables range from 10 to 24, blue to dark gray, as documented here. For example, BackgroundOn 12 will fill the graphscreen with black.

:BackgroundOn 12

Error Conditions

  • ERR:DOMAIN is thrown if the number is not an integer between 0 and 24.

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