ASCII Output Codes

The following table proposes an extension to the (incomplete) set of ASCII codes classically exported by TI-GRAPH LINK, emulated by those with limited access to better portrayals of targeted characters, and utilized by those seeking to preserve their content in the 7-bit range. Each consists of no more than eight characters.

Cells containing symbols that already have 7-bit encodings are omitted. This includes letters and digits, brackets and other punctuation, and the alternate figures found on the number keys of most keyboard layouts. Each of these items can be typed out like normal, or encased in backslashes wherever convenient or necessary.

This is an alternative, often last-resort approach to rendering the TI-83 Plus font on a computer. Environments that support UTF-8 might be more well-suited for Unicode characterizations that rise above the 7-bit limit. For ways to represent TI-83 Plus characters in their full splendor, see the TI-83 Plus Large Font article.

Table of ASCII Output Codes
01–7F 80–A6 A7–CD CE–F4
LrecurN 01 \n\ Lsub0 80 \0\ LoGrave A7 \ograve\ Lellipsis CE \...\
LrecurU 02 \u\ Lsub1 81 \1\ LoCaret A8 \ocirc\ Lleft CF \<\
LrecurV 03 \v\ Lsub2 82 \2\ LoDier A9 \ouml\ Lblock D0 \block\
LrecurW 04 \w\ Lsub3 83 \3\ LcapUAcute AA \Uacute\ Lper D1 \per\
Lconvert 05 \>\ Lsub4 84 \4\ LcapUGrave AB \Ugrave\ Lhyphen D2 \-\
LsqUp 06 \squp\ Lsub5 85 \5\ LcapUCaret AC \Ucirc\ Larea D3 \area\
LsqDown 07 \sqdown\ Lsub6 86 \6\ LcapUDier AD \Uuml\ Ltemp D4 \^box\
Lintegral 08 \intgrl\ Lsub7 87 \7\ LuAcute AE \uacute\ Lcube D5 \^3\
Lcross 09 \x\ Lsub8 88 \8\ LuGrave AF \ugrave\ Lenter D6 \enter\
LboxIcon 0A \box\ Lsub9 89 \9\ LuCaret B0 \ucirc\ LimagI D7 \i\
LcrossIcon 0B \cross\ LcapAAcute 8A \Aacute\ LuDier B1 \uuml\ Lphat D8 \p^\
LdotIcon 0C \dot\ LcapAGrave 8B \Agrave\ LcapCCed B2 \Ccedil\ Lchi D9 \chi\
LsubT 0D \subT\ LcapACaret 8C \Acirc\ LcCed B3 \ccedil\ LstatF DA \statF\
LcubeR 0E \root3\ LcapADier 8D \Auml\ LcapNTilde B4 \Ntilde\ Llne DB \e\
LhexF 0F \hexF\ LaAcute 8E \aacute\ LnTilde B5 \ntilde\ LlistL DC \L\
Lroot 10 \root\ LaGrave 8F \agrave\ Laccent B6 \acute\ LfinanN DD \N\
Linverse 11 \^-1\ LaCaret 90 \acirc\ L2_r_paren DE \))\
Lsquare 12 \^2\ LaDier 91 \auml\ Ldieresis B8 \..\ LblockArrow DF \blk->\
Langle 13 \/_\ LcapEAcute 92 \Eacute\ LquesDown B9 \iquest\ LcurO E0 \cursor\
Ldegree 14 \o\ LcapEGrave 93 \Egrave\ LexclamDown BA \iexcl\ LcurO2 E1 \2ndcur\
Lradian 15 \r\ LcapECaret 94 \Ecirc\ Lalpha BB \alpha\ LcurOcapA E2 \Acur\
Ltranspose 16 \^T\ LcapEDier 95 \Euml\ Lbeta BC \beta\ LcurOa E3 \acur\
LLE 17 \<=\ LeAcute 96 \eacute\ Lgamma BD \gamma\ LcurI E4 \inscur\
LNE 18 \!=\ LeGrave 97 \egrave\ LcapDelta BE \Delta\ LcurI2 E5 \ins2nd\
LGE 19 \>=\ LeCaret 98 \ecirc\ Ldelta BF \delta\ LcurIcapA E6 \ins_A\
Lneg 1A \(-)\ LeDier 99 \euml\ Lepsilon C0 \epsil\ LcurIa E7 \ins_a\
Lexponent 1B \EE\ LcapIAcute 9A \Iacute\ LGline E8 \gline1\
Lstore 1C \->\ LcapIGrave 9B \Igrave\ Llambda C2 \Lambda\ LGthick E9 \gline2\
Lten 1D \10\ LcapICaret 9C \Icirc\ Lmu C3 \mu\ LGabove EA \gabove\
LupArrow 1E \uarrow\ LcapIDier 9D \Iuml\ Lpi C4 \pi\ LGbelow EB \gbelow\
LdownArrow 1F \darrow\ LiAcute 9E \iacute\ Lrho C5 \rho\ LGpath EC \gpath\
LiGrave 9F \igrave\ LcapSigma C6 \Sigma\ LGanimate ED \ganim\
Lfourth 24 \^4\ LiCaret A0 \icirc\ Lsigma C7 \sigma\ LGdot EE \gdot\
LiDier A1 \iuml\ Ltau C8 \tau\ LUpBlk EF \upblk\
Ltheta 5B \theta\ LcapOAcute A2 \Oacute\ Lphi C9 \phi\ LDnBlk F0 \dnblk\
LcapOGrave A3 \Ograve\ LcapOmega CA \Omega\ LcurFull F1 \chkrbd\
Lbackquote 60 \lsquo\ LcapOCaret A4 \Ocirc\ LxMean CB \xbar\
LcapODier A5 \Ouml\ LyMean CC \ybar\ LsqUp F3 \squp_2\
LinvEQ 7F \=\ LoAcute A6 \oacute\ LsupX CD \^x\ LsharpS F4 \szlig\


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