Cookie Clicker Axe

author: 'Josiah W.'
description: 'The insanely addicting Cookie Clicker game that took the internet by storm has now made its way to the calculator in this must-have port! Complete with a mouse cursor, grayscale graphics, a news ticker, and much more, Cookie Clicker Axe is one of the best Cookie Clicker clones you''ll see on your calculator! Made using Axe Parser 1.2.2.'
arcade: '1'
graphics: '0'
platform: '0'
puzzle: '0'
rpg: '0'
strategy: '0'
sports: '0'
casino: '0'
board: '0'
utility: '0'
misc: '1'
image: '/archives:cookie-clicker-axe/CookieClickerScreenie.png'
size: '16'
unit: '2'

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