This is a list of all the programs categorized as a Board Game. These programs emulate the typical board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Chess, etc.

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Name: Mix 'n Match
Author: Maarten Janssen
Download: Mix 'n Match
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 3020 bytes
Mix 'n Match is a Bejeweled type of game where you need to match at least three adjacent tiles of the same type and try to make cascading matches to score points.

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Name: MasterMind 1.0
Author: Mapar007
Compatibility: TI-83+/84/SE
File Size: 1115 Bytes
A simple, but fun mastermind game, running entirely on the graph screen.

Rating: 0

Name: Mastermind
Author: bsch2734/ Lavalamp Gaming
Compatibility: TI-83/84/+/SE
File Size: 2811 Bytes
The classic game of Mastermind. The calculator selects a four-digit code. Given a few hints, can you geuss it in 10 tries?

Rating: 0

Name: Peggle
Author: Builderboy2005
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 7300 Bytes
Peggle is a fun and addicting physics based game. The game consists of 9 levels composed of several different types of blocks. You are given 9 balls to shoot into the arena to try to hit as many blocks as possible, resulting in them being erased at the end of a turn. If all blocks are erased, you proceed to the next level. Sophisticated scoring also allows for highscores to be made even if a level is not beaten. You can choose to play as one of 4 characters, each character having there own powerup accessible by hitting a special block. With challenging gameplay, stunning graphics, and great replayability, Peggle is a must for all calculator gamers!

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Name: Xslider
Author: Noahbaby94
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 1025
Have you played 15 square before? Well this is XSquare. You can create any size field between 2-5 for the length and 2-7 for the width. See the readme for more details.

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