Role Playing Games (RPGs)

This is a list of all the programs categorized as an RPG. These programs are ones that tell a story while you control a character.

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Name: Trapped Beta
Author: Builderboy2005
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 10079 Bytes
The Beta version of the new Trapped game. Ungroup the file and run ALEV to install. Then run A to play. Tell me what you think!

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Name: Trapped
Author: builderboy
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 13,932 bytes
You wake up to find yourself trapped in the center of a fiendish maze filled with mystery and enemies that want to eat you. A mysterious friend and long forgotten notes guide you through the maze. Find items, blow up walls, fight logical enemies, and above all, find the machine that will help you escape.

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Name: Portal
Author: Builderboy
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 9,405 Bytes
In Portal, you are a test subject at The Aperture Science Enrichment Program and are testing The recent invention of the Portal Gun! Yay! It allows you to shoot portals and move between them. Those who have played the official version will remember GlaDos… And she's back in the calculator version! GlaDOS is your narrator and guide and is the one that will monitor all your tests. But when the tests are over… Watch out! the game isn't over yet…

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Name: Metroid Pi
Author: [* Robert Moy] (Harrierfalcon)
Compatibility: TI-83/84/+/SE
File Size: 17016 Bytes
Metroid Pi is a pure TI-Basic version of the classic Metroid game, with the game following the standard storyline of making your way through several increasingly difficult areas, while battling enemies, bosses, and getting powerups that allow you to beat the next area in the game.

Rating: 5

Name: Gladiator Fight
Author: SpaceManiac
Download: Gladiator
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 2225
A multiplayer turn-based strategy game in which 2-9 players compete for ultimate supremacy in a gladiator battle!

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Name: Assassin S Creed V2
Author: BlakPilar
Compatibility: TI-83+/84/SE
File Size: 27 Kilobytes
This is a text-based version of Assassin's creed. If you have any questions, comments, or find any bugs, let me know at blakpilar AT gmail DOT com

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