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Name: Ownage Hoops
Author: Mohammad Adib
Compatibility: TI-83+/84/SE
File Size: 9000 Bytes
A basketball shooting game. has 1 player vs. AI, 2 player, and practice modes. fun to play, includes AI, stats at the end, and a practice mode. It is related to foul shot by N*E*V*U*M_X although, the original idea came to me at PE class in school.

Rating: 5

Name: Foul-Shot
Author: N*E*V*U*M_X
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 1,548 bytes
A basketball free throw emulator for the TI-83 to the TI-84+SE. Current version: 1.1.4

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Name: Quarterback Rating
Author: patriotsfan
Compatibility: Parent page not set
File Size: 975 bytes
This program calculates quarterback ratings for four different leagues: NFL, CFL, NCAA, and AFL.

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