xFiles 1.03 [Update]

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Download: xFiles.zipNo Download Available
Version: 1.03
Compatibility: TI-83/84/+/SE
File Size: 5 Megabytes
Genre: Arcade Graphics Platform Puzzle RPG Strategy Sports Casino Board Utility Misc

xFiles is a program that is built on top of File Manager. This program is intended to replace the past generations of this program. xFiles contains more features that aren't included in past versions. Read the Read Me.txt file in xFiles/Text Documents.


Please let me know if there are errors or bugs. Please fill out the form below if you experience problems in the program. The data collected helps me improve this program! Thank you.

The form has been updated and Fixed!

Updated: 04.07.20 @ 12:02PM

GitHub commits

Committing to this file on GitHub can available for anyone. Just visit here to commit to xFiles!


Below are known bugs/glitches in the current version of xFiles:

  • When you try to update xFiles within the program if the Update program is missing, it should return you to the main menu but doesn't. Instead, it continues with the update process as if the program were existing. But the program will exit with an UNDEFINED error. How to fix: Add the ".P:NT:FN after the getKey:Repeat max{getkey={21:05:End line in the If conditional.

If there are more bugs, please leave them in the Error Form above.

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