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Download: FIZZBUZZ.8xpNo Download Available
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: TI-83/84/+/SE
File Size: 464 Bytes
Genre: Arcade Graphics Platform Puzzle RPG Strategy Sports Casino Board Utility Misc

First enter the numbers for which you want to Fizz and Buzz. Three and seven are the numbers that are traditionally used. After that start counting as shown. Instead of typing 'FIZZ' or 'BUZZ', use the letters 'F' and 'B'. For Buzz=3 and Fizz=7 the beginning sequence would be: 1 2 B 4 5 B F 8 B 10 11 B B F B 16 F B 19 20 FB 22 B B 25 26 FB F 29 B B B B B …. Then try it with other numbers for fizz and buzz. If you just want to try buzzing enter 0 for fizz or the other way around.

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