File Manager - Version 4.85.9 Update File

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Version: 4.85.9
Compatibility: TI-83/84/+/SE
File Size: 2 Megabytes
Genre: Arcade Graphics Platform Puzzle RPG Strategy Sports Casino Board Utility Misc

File Manager is special program for managing programs. Sure, you can archive, hide, lock, and run programs like a lot of other utilities. But this utility specifically is special in some ways. Manager can download the contents of programs or app variables, view the files inside any group file, prevent unlocking protected z80 assembly programs, parse for different program types (Any program, MirageOS, z80 assembly, and Ion [MirageOS parsing DOES NOT work with zStart installed]), and uploading programs to an app variable. This is an updated version of 4.84.1, so feel free to explore the new updates implemented in the code. To view what updates that were specifically installed, click the Files To Send/Ver 4.85.9 folder, then New Updates.txt. This program is still compatible with the TI-83+/SE, but NOT recommended with the original TI-83. The GIFs below are out-of-date, newer ones will be uploaded soon…hopefully. Please leave me a review and rate my file to help improve this program in the future!

New updates for File Manager:


- Version: 4.85.9
- Size: 8785 bytes
- Lines of code: a whopping 842
- Capability: TI-83+/84+/SE
- Total Updates: 9
- Total Added: 5
- Total Changed: 4
- Total Removed: 0

Implemented/Removed Functions
A - Added
R - Removed
C - Changed

  • Changed Pause_ commands to Repeat max{getKey={21,105:End for easier access [C]
  • Added a single file deletion procedure. Press [X,T,θ,N] to do this [A]
  • By pressing [ALPHA], instead of re-parsing for program names, it brings you back to the

file type selection menu [C]

  • Added a parse-for-file-type function. You may now parse for ALL programs, MirageOS, Ion, and z80 assembly. Press [ALPHA] in the SELECT FILE TYPE menu. [A]
  • Changed the function for the Manager to check whether the program is either BASIC or z80 assembly upon

execution. WARNING: Do not run certain assembly programs when running Manager via MirageOS. Causes
problems and can crash. [C]

  • Added function to prevent unlocking protected z80 assembly-type files. [A]
  • Function for downloading where you can only download once. You do not need to download the same file

multiple times. [A]

  • Added Icons in the main management menu to tell the user if you already downloaded the file, converted

the file to the appvar. [A]

  • Fixed the "bug" to actually archive the program when converting to an app variable. [C]

Updated Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Upcoming Updates

New updates are arriving for File Manager! Check out what's popping in version 4.86.7:

  • The Clear list will be removed.
  • Bugs will be fixed with the main management menu.
  • The program will be shorter, about 7.3kB.
  • App vars can be converted back to programs!!
  • The "To app var" icon will be removed in this version.
  • Other small things will be changed, more details when version is released

This version will be released somewhere around August 20th, 2019.

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