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Version: 1.0
Compatibility: TI-83/84/+/SE
File Size: 577 Bytes
Genre: Arcade Graphics Platform Puzzle RPG Strategy Sports Casino Board Utility Misc

This program is put here for the use of the Prob-Stats class at my school, or anyone else who wishes to use it. It will be continuously updated as I progress through the course. Some features in the program are not fully implemented yet, as this program is still under development. This is not meant to be an optimized program, and I do not plan on optimizing until the end. The methods used in this program may not be the methods used in every prob-stat course. If you find any bugs with the program send me a private message here on the forums, or send me an email at moc.liamg|cmylnert#moc.liamg|cmylnert

Note: If you enter 0 for Xmax on the normal distribution or the Poisson distribution it will assume it to be infinity.
Note: If you enter a decimal for Xmin or Xmax in the binomial or Poisson distribution, it will properly round

Lbl RR
Fix 4
Lbl BD
Disp "prgmBINOMDF"
Input "N:",N
Input "P:",P
Input "Xmin:",X
Input "Xmax:",Y
If not(fPart(P) or iPart(P):Goto RR
If fPart(X):iPart(X)+1→X
If fPart(Y):iPart(Y)→Y
If fPart(N):iPart(N)→N
If sum(1>{N,Y}:Goto RR
If Y<X:Stop
If Y=X:binompdf(N,P,X)
If Y>X:binomcdf(N,P,Y)-binomcdf(N,P,X-1)
Goto DA
Lbl PD
Disp "prgmPOISSDF"
Input "λ:",L
Input "Xmin:",X
Input "Xmax:",Y
If fPart(X):iPart(X)+1→X
If fPart(Y):iPart(Y)→Y
If 0>L:Goto RR
If Y=0:999999→Y
If X>Y:Goto RR
If X=Y:poissonpdf(L,X)
If Y>X:poissoncdf(L,Y)-poissoncdf(L,X-1)
Goto DA
Lbl ND
Disp "prgmNORMALDF"
Input "µ:",M
Input "σ:",S
Input "Xmin:",X
Input "Xmax:",Y
If Y=0:999999→Y
Goto DA
Lbl XD
Lbl ID
Pause "Coming Soon
Goto RR
Lbl DA
Pause Ans
Goto RR
Lbl EX

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