Distance Between two points with simplification of radicals.

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Eden Urias

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Version: 1.0
Compatibility: TI-83/84/+/SE
File Size: 277 Bytes
Genre: Arcade Graphics Platform Puzzle RPG Strategy Sports Casino Board Utility Misc

With this program you will input X1 Y1 and X2 Y2 and will automatically put into order all of the values and do the math for you to get a radical and then it will simplify that radical! You then have the option to quit the program or go to the simplify radicals program where you can just put in a radical and it will simplify it for you.

` :ClrHome :Input "X1=",A :Input "Y1=",B :Input "X2=",C :Input "Y2=",D :(C-A)^2→X :(D-B)^2→Y :X+Y→O :Disp " √( ",O : √(O→U :Disp "SIMP=",U :Lbl 3 :ClrHome :Disp "√(X)" :iPart(√(X)+1)→A :Lbl 1 :If fPart(X/A²)=0 :Then :Goto 2 :Else :(A-1)→A :Goto 1 :Lbl 2 :ClrHome :Disp "ANSWER X√(N)" :Disp "X=",A :Disp "N",X/A² :Pause "CONTINUE? :ClrHome :Disp "PRESS 1 FOR QUIT :Disp "PRESS 2 FOR SIMPRAD :Input "CHOOSE:",Z :If Z=1 :ClrHome :If Z=2 :ClrHome :Lbl 3 :ClrHome :Disp "√(X)" :Input "X=",X :iPart(√(X)+1)→A :Lbl 1 :If fPart(X/A²)=0 :Then :Goto 2 :Else :(A-1)→A :Goto 1 :Lbl 2 :ClrHome :Disp "ANSWER X√(N)" :Disp "X=",A :Disp "N=",X/A² :Stop `

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