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Download: BasicOS.zipNo Download Available
Version: 7.3
Compatibility: TI-84+/SE
File Size: 2514 Kilobytes
Genre: Arcade Graphics Platform Puzzle RPG Strategy Sports Casino Board Utility Misc

What is BasicOS?

BasicOS is a shell that enhances file manipulation on your calculator. This shell is unique in most ways, and in it's own ways. BasicOS works pretty flawlessly, but there are some commands that are from Celtic III that are not fully implemented.


BasicOS Folder contents:

- Original CelticIII folder
- Source Code
- The BasicOS Group
- The BasicOS Program itself
- Readme
- This file your reading right now
- Cool Fonts for zStart (Refer to "AVARS.8xg")
- zStart Orginal folder
- Token IDE Original folder
- BasicOS 7.3 Example

Source Code (Included)

Version 7.5 is coming soon, featuring:

  • Instead of the source code of files stored into a string, the content are stored into a seperate program called "DOWNLOAD", which allows managing source codes for programs much easier. The likelihood of a successful download is a lot higher compared to a string.
  • Improved memory efficiency.

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