Aug 26 A new version (5.6) for the TI-84 Plus CE is available. The newer OS discontinues assembly permanently, most games (non-Basic ones) will no longer work anymore. Think very carefully on upgrading! TI-Basic games will continue to function normally as they have before.
Jan 16 There are discussions about redesigning the forums to be more robust.
Jun 14 Program Challenge 8 ends soon, June 20th! Enter your programs in quick!
May 28 Congratulations to jnesselr, who has been promoted to being a Moderator! Well done!
May 22 Program challenge 8 postponed to June 20th! Don't forget!
Feb 04 Don't forget about challenge 7! The challenge will end when there are three participants.
Dec 13 Do not forget about programming challenge 6. It has been postponed for a while now, and it will not end until at least two people participate. Also, challenge 7 will not start until number 6 finishes.
Dec 06 It has been decided that the TI-Basic Starter Kit take priority in member contribution. Remember that the goal of the starter kit is to give a person of no programming knowledge a good solid start on calculator programming.

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