All Did You Know

Did you know…

…that the and, or, xor, and not commands can be used as bitwise operators on integers? (edit)

…that displaying sprites to column coordinates divisible by 8 is faster than to other coordinates? (edit)

…that setMode() and similar commands have an alternate "programmer's syntax"? (edit)

…that strings are the fastest data type to access, given enough elements? (edit)

…that the ok system variable checks if a dialog was cancelled? (edit)

…that the 26 one-letter variables a-z are much smaller to access? (edit)

…that the © character can be used to enter comments in programs? (edit)

…that ending a variable name with an underscore _ will make solve() and cSolve() assume it's complex? (edit)

…that you can treat strings as always-undefined variables in symbolic math? (edit)

…that it is actually sometimes better to leave on the closing parentheses on the For( loop? (edit)

…that a memory leak is caused when you use a Goto/Lbl within a loop or If conditional (anything that has an End command) to jump out of that control structure before the End command is reached? (edit)

…that you can omit the closing parentheses, quote, square bracket, curly brace, etc. at the end of a command or function? (edit)

…that while using seq(, the calculator can still interpret keypresses and store them to getKey? (edit)

…that you can use tanh(E9X to compute the sign of X? (edit)

…that Line( has an optional fifth argument that, if zero, will erase the pixels on a line, and, on color calculators, will change the color of the line? (edit)

…that you can replace the "Done" message that appears after a program is finished running by placing an expression, some text, or just a quote on the last line of your program? (edit)

…that you can use rand( to create a time delay similar to the Wait command on the TI-84+CE? (edit)

…that you can use multiple text arguments at the end of one Text( command to write, for example, Text(R,C,"Score",S)? (edit)

…that you can draw with different plot marks using Pt-On(X,Y,#)? (edit)

…that you can save memory when displaying text by replacing words such as "If" and "Then" with the appropriate commands? (edit)


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