The + Command

Command Summary

Returns the sum of two numbers, or joins two strings together.

Command Syntax

value1 + value2

string1 + string2

Menu Location

Press [+]

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

1 byte

The + (add) operator takes two numbers, variables, or expressions and adds their values together, thus returning a single new value. The + operator appears lower in the order of operations than both * and /, so if those appear in an expression, they will be executed first. In addition, the - operator has the same order of operations as +, so the calculator simply executes them left to right in the order that they appear.




Advanced Uses

The + operator is overloaded (meaning it has more than one function) by the calculator, and it can be used to put strings together. The strings can consist of whatever combination of text and characters that you want, but it unfortunately does not allow you to join a string to a number (i.e., "Hello5" cannot be made with "Hello"+5).



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