84+ CE Hexcodes
Example of Inputting Hex Code

IMPORTANT: DO NOT UPGRADE TO TI-OS 5.6. For more information please click here. Asm Programming was completely removed in TI-OS 5.6, and once upgraded, you cannot downgrade.

NOTICE: If you have upgraded to TI84+CE OS 5.4, you cannot use any of these programs because TI said so. If you try to run any of them, the calc will throw an "INVALID" error. You need to use AsmComp(prgmSOURCE,prgmNEW to run assembly programs.

DOWNGRADE NOTE: If you have upgraded to 5.6, a tutorial is located here to downgrade from OS 5.5+. This will work with any boot code up to 5.3.1.

There are all sorts of small assembly programs that you can create simply using the calculator's built-in assembly commands (specifically, Asm84CEPrgm) along with the appropriate hexadecimal code. In order to run a program, you need to use the Asm( command, where Asm(prgmPROGNAME is the program that contains the hexadecimal code.

As a word of caution, when entering in the hexadecimal, you need to be very careful that you type it in exactly as you see it. If there is a single incorrect character, the calculator might crash and reset your RAM when you turn it on again. We have tested the hexadecimal codes to make sure they work, but it's up to you to enter them in correctly.

These hexcodes only work on the TI-84 Plus CE. See the following pages for monochrome calcs or the CSE.

Turn Off LCD


Turn On LCD


This is the same as the code for turning off the LCD, except that the 01 is a 09 instead.

Set LCD Brightness


Set the brightness to a value between 0 and 255 stored in Ans, 255 is low, 0 is high.

Enable Lowercase Letters


High-Contrast Screen


This will inverse the whole screen to high-contrast mode. This will make it easier to look at the screen during the night.
Credit: MateoConLechuga

Toggle Program Mode


When used in a program, it allows you to use Archive and UnArchive on other programs. warning: Make sure to switch back to "program mode" when you're done by running the program again.

Screen to Graph [TO DO]

Quick Key


Text Inverse


This will switch from normal text mode to inverse (white text on black background) and vice versa.


Lowercase On


Lowercase Off


Lowercase Toggle


This will toggle lowercase on or off

Fill Screen [TO DO]

LCD Clear


Clears the LCD.

LCD Clear and redraw Status Bar


Same as LCD Clear, but redraws the Status bar.





Fill Screen with color value in Ans (0-255, from xLibC palette)


Border [TO DO]

White Border [TO DO]

Black Border, Clear Inside [TO DO]

Invert Screen [TO DO]

Change brightness level

Set Brightness


Set the brightness to a value between 0 and 255 stored in Ans, 255 is low, 0 is high.

Decrease Brightness


Decrease the brightness by 1. Run many times to see a noticeable difference.

Increase Brightness


Increase the brightness by 1. Run many times to see a noticeable difference.

Run Indicator

Run Indicator Off


Run Indicator On


Toggle Run Indicator


Note that when this routine turns the run indicator off, it doesn't erase the run indicator, it simply stops it.


Disable APD


Disables Automatic Power Down on the TI-84 Plus CE.

Enable APD


Enables Automatic Power Down on the TI-84 Plus CE.


Turn Cursor Off


This is harmless, but it stops displaying that blinking cursor :D Just press [2nd][MODE] to put it back to normal. What, jokes are allowed, right?

Turn Cursor On


Draw Ti Logo


Draws the TI logo

Dark Mode


Sets the program to "dark mode" where all colors are inverted until the next power off.



This code will cause an error to be thrown, based on the value in Ans. The values correspond to the ones found here. Use your browser's search tool to look for "E_Overflow" which is Error 1. If you are using a Windows or Chromebook, pressing Control+F will bring up the search tool. On a Mac, pressing Command+F will bring up the search tool. By default, there is no Goto option unless you add 128 to the values. So for example, for a divide by zero error with a goto option, use 130 as the error code.
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