84+ CE Hexcodes
Example of Inputting Hex Code

There are all sorts of small assembly programs that you can create simply using the calculator's built-in assembly commands (specifically, Asm84CEPrgm along with the appropriate hexadecimal code. In order to run a program, you need to use the Asm( command, where Asm(prgmPROGNAME is the program that contains the hexadecimal code.

As a word of caution, when entering in the hexadecimal, you need to be very careful that you type it in exactly as you see it. If there is a single incorrect character, the calculator might crash and reset your RAM when you turn it on again. We have tested the hexadecimal codes to make sure they work, but it's up to you to enter them in correctly.

Turn Off LCD


Turn On LCD


This is the same as the code for turning off the LCD, except that the 01 is a 09 instead.

Set LCD Brightness


Set the brightness to a value between 0 and 255 stored in Ans, 255 is low, 0 is high.

Enable Lowercase Letters


High-Contrast Screen


This will inverse the whole screen to high-contrast mode. This will make it easier to look at the screen during the night.
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