TI-83 Plus Large Font

This fixed-width character set is generally found on the home screen. For the smaller font, please see this article.

Character Map

The order of the characters is rows then columns, so that LrecurN is 01
Click on any character to jump ahead and view its respective details.
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
0 LrecurN LrecurU LrecurV LrecurW Lconvert LsqUp LsqDown Lintegral Lcross LboxIcon LcrossIcon LdotIcon LsubT LcubeR LhexF
1 Lroot Linverse Lsquare Langle Ldegree Lradian Ltranspose LLE LNE LGE Lneg Lexponent Lstore Lten LupArrow LdownArrow
2 Lspace Lexclam Lquote Lpound Lfourth Lpercent Lampersand Lapostrophe LlParen LrParen Lasterisk LplusSign Lcomma Ldash Lperiod Lslash
3 L0 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 Lcolon Lsemicolon LLT LEQ LGT Lquestion
4 LatSign LcapA LcapB LcapC LcapD LcapE LcapF LcapG LcapH LcapI LcapJ LcapK LcapL LcapM LcapN LcapO
5 LcapP LcapQ LcapR LcapS LcapT LcapU LcapV LcapW LcapX LcapY LcapZ Ltheta Lbackslash LrBrack Lcaret Lunderscore
6 Lbackquote La Lb Lc Ld Le Lf Lg Lh Li Lj Lk Ll Lm Ln Lo
7 Lp Lq Lr Ls Lt Lu Lv Lw Lx Ly Lz LlBrace Lbar LrBrace Ltilde LinvEQ
8 Lsub0 Lsub1 Lsub2 Lsub3 Lsub4 Lsub5 Lsub6 Lsub7 Lsub8 Lsub9 LcapAAcute LcapAGrave LcapACaret LcapADier LaAcute LaGrave
9 LaCaret LaDier LcapEAcute LcapEGrave LcapECaret LcapEDier LeAcute LeGrave LeCaret LeDier LcapIAcute LcapIGrave LcapICaret LcapIDier LiAcute LiGrave
A LiCaret LiDier LcapOAcute LcapOGrave LcapOCaret LcapODier LoAcute LoGrave LoCaret LoDier LcapUAcute LcapUGrave LcapUCaret LcapUDier LuAcute LuGrave
B LuCaret LuDier LcapCCed LcCed LcapNTilde LnTilde Laccent Lgrave Ldieresis LquesDown LexclamDown Lalpha Lbeta Lgamma LcapDelta Ldelta
C Lepsilon LlBrack Llambda Lmu Lpi Lrho LcapSigma Lsigma Ltau Lphi LcapOmega LxMean LyMean LsupX Lellipsis Lleft
D Lblock Lper Lhyphen Larea Ltemp Lcube Lenter LimagI Lphat Lchi LstatF Llne LlistL LfinanN L2_r_paren LblockArrow
E LcurO LcurO2 LcurOcapA LcurOa LcurI LcurI2 LcurIcapA LcurIa LGline LGthick LGabove LGbelow LGpath LGanimate LGdot LUpBlk
F LDnBlk LcurFull Ldollar LsqUp LsharpS LMPmixedFrac LMPfracSlash LMPentryBox


The following chart depicts each character with its hexadecimal equivalent, name, and possible BBCode representation (the latter of which need only be copied and pasted directly into a message board post). Most likely, any numeric character references (e.g., ►) included will be automatically converted upon previewing or sending the message.

While there are more accurate Unicode-based substitutes for many of these characters, a rather large user base lacks the fonts or settings necessary to render them in a visually useful manner, or at all. Consequently, precision as there might have been in more well-suited environments has been sacrificed to permit a higher rate of good cross-browser performance. For instances where a sufficient alternative does not exist, image tags with the appropriate URI will be provided.

If you wish to use only 7-bit ASCII, then refer to the article on ASCII Output Codes.

Determining Font Sizes

There is no set standard for BBCode font sizes. Message board vendors will use their own rules of determination, so using the same value for each will produce dissimilar results. Luckily, the representations on this page will only utilize one such transformation, thus lending themselves to the simplified requirement of a single lookup:

Whenever you see "[size=x]", the "x" should be replaced by…

  • 0 if using IPB 2.1.7, MyBB, or vBulletin
  • 10 if using phpBB
  • 6pt if using SMF

These are based on the default skins for the above vendors.

Unsupported Tags

If you find that a specific message board doesn't support one or more of the tags provided, then you should use the more accommodating ASCII Output Codes instead.

Individual Characters

LrecurN Hex: 01
Name: "Recursive n"
BBCode: [font=courier new][i]n[/i][/font]
LrecurU Hex: 02
Name: "Recursive u"
BBCode: u
LrecurV Hex: 03
Name: "Recursive v"
BBCode: v
LrecurW Hex: 04
Name: "Recursive w"
BBCode: w
Lconvert Hex: 05
Name: "Convert"
BBCode: [font=courier new]►[/font]
LsqUp Hex: 06
Name: "Square Up"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/06h_LsqUp.gif[/img]
LsqDown Hex: 07
Name: "Square Down"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/07h_LsqDown.gif[/img]
Lintegral Hex: 08
Name: "Integral"
BBCode: [font=courier new]∫[/font]
Lcross Hex: 09
Name: "Cross"
BBCode: [font=verdana]×[/font]
LboxIcon Hex: 0A
Name: "Box Icon"
BBCode: [font=courier new]▫[/font]
LcrossIcon Hex: 0B
Name: "Cross Icon"
BBCode: [font=arial][size=x]+[/size][/font] (?)
LdotIcon Hex: 0C
Name: "Dot Icon"
BBCode: [font=courier new]·[/font]
LsubT Hex: 0D
Name: "Subscript T"
BBCode: [font=verdana][size=x]т[/size][/font] (?)
LcubeR Hex: 0E
Name: "Cube Root"
BBCode: [font=verdana]³[/font]
LhexF Hex: 0F
Name: "Hexadecimal F"
BBCode: [font=verdana][b]F[/b][/font]
Lroot Hex: 10
Name: "Root"
BBCode: [font=arial]√[/font]
Linverse Hex: 11
Name: "Inverse"
BBCode: [font=courier new]‾¹[/font]
Lsquare Hex: 12
Name: "Square"
BBCode: [font=verdana]²[/font]
Langle Hex: 13
Name: "Angle"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/13h_Langle.gif[/img]
Ldegree Hex: 14
Name: "Degree"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]°[/font]
Lradian Hex: 15
Name: "Radian"
BBCode: [font=verdana][sup]r[/sup][/font]
Ltranspose Hex: 16
Name: "Transpose"
BBCode: [font=arial][sup]т[/sup][/font]
LLE Hex: 17
Name: "Less Than or Equal To"
BBCode: [font=verdana]≤[/font]
LNE Hex: 18
Name: "Not Equal To"
BBCode: [font=verdana]≠[/font]
LGE Hex: 19
Name: "Greater Than or Equal To"
BBCode: [font=verdana]≥[/font]
Lneg Hex: 1A
Name: "Negation"
BBCode: [font=courier new]‾[/font]
Lexponent Hex: 1B
Name: "Exponent"
BBCode: [font=verdana][size=x]E[/size][/font] (?)
Lstore Hex: 1C
Name: "Store"
BBCode: [font=courier new]→[/font]
Lten Hex: 1D
Name: "Ten"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]10[/size][/font] (?)
LupArrow Hex: 1E
Name: "Up Arrow"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]↑[/font]
LdownArrow Hex: 1F
Name: "Down Arrow"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]↓[/font]
Lspace Hex: 20
Name: "Space"
BBCode: [font=courier new]░[/font]
Lexclam Hex: 21
Name: "Exclamation Mark"
BBCode: !
Lquote Hex: 22
Name: "Quotation Mark"
BBCode: [font=verdana]"[/font]
Lpound Hex: 23
Name: "Pound Sign"
BBCode: #
Lfourth Hex: 24
Name: "Fourth"
BBCode: [font=verdana][sup]4[/sup][/font]
Lpercent Hex: 25
Name: "Percent Sign"
BBCode: %
Lampersand Hex: 26
Name: "Ampersand"
BBCode: [font=arial]&[/font]
Lapostrophe Hex: 27
Name: "Apostrophe"
BBCode: '
LlParen Hex: 28
Name: "Left Parenthesis"
BBCode: (
LrParen Hex: 29
Name: "Right Parenthesis"
BBCode: )
Lasterisk Hex: 2A
Name: "Asterisk"
BBCode: [font=verdana]*[/font]
LplusSign Hex: 2B
Name: "Plus Sign"
BBCode: +
Lcomma Hex: 2C
Name: "Comma"
BBCode: [font=times new roman],[/font]
Ldash Hex: 2D
Name: "Dash"
BBCode: −
Lperiod Hex: 2E
Name: "Period"
BBCode: .
Lslash Hex: 2F
Name: "Slash"
BBCode: /
L0 Hex: 30
Name: "0"
BBCode: 0
L1 Hex: 31
Name: "1"
BBCode: 1
L2 Hex: 32
Name: "2"
BBCode: 2
L3 Hex: 33
Name: "3"
BBCode: 3
L4 Hex: 34
Name: "4"
BBCode: 4
L5 Hex: 35
Name: "5"
BBCode: 5
L6 Hex: 36
Name: "6"
BBCode: 6
L7 Hex: 37
Name: "7"
BBCode: 7
L8 Hex: 38
Name: "8"
BBCode: 8
L9 Hex: 39
Name: "9"
BBCode: 9
Lcolon Hex: 3A
Name: "Colon"
BBCode: :
Lsemicolon Hex: 3B
Name: "Semicolon"
BBCode: [font=times new romain];[/font]
LLT Hex: 3C
Name: "Less Than"
BBCode: <
LEQ Hex: 3D
Name: "Equal To"
BBCode: =
LGT Hex: 3E
Name: "Greater Than"
BBCode: >
Lquestion Hex: 3F
Name: "Question Mark"
BBCode: ?
LatSign Hex: 40
Name: "At Sign"
BBCode: [font=courier new]@[/font]
LcapA Hex: 41
Name: "Capital A"
BBCode: A
LcapB Hex: 42
Name: "Capital B"
BBCode: B
LcapC Hex: 43
Name: "Capital C"
BBCode: C
LcapD Hex: 44
Name: "Capital D"
BBCode: D
LcapE Hex: 45
Name: "Capital E"
BBCode: E
LcapF Hex: 46
Name: "Capital F"
BBCode: F
LcapG Hex: 47
Name: "Capital G"
BBCode: G
LcapH Hex: 48
Name: "Capital H"
BBCode: H
LcapI Hex: 49
Name: "Capital I"
BBCode: I
LcapJ Hex: 4A
Name: "Capital J"
BBCode: J
LcapK Hex: 4B
Name: "Capital K"
BBCode: K
LcapL Hex: 4C
Name: "Capital L"
BBCode: L
LcapM Hex: 4D
Name: "Capital M"
BBCode: M
LcapN Hex: 4E
Name: "Capital N"
BBCode: N
LcapO Hex: 4F
Name: "Capital O"
BBCode: O
LcapP Hex: 50
Name: "Capital P"
BBCode: P
LcapQ Hex: 51
Name: "Capital Q"
BBCode: Q
LcapR Hex: 52
Name: "Capital R"
BBCode: R
LcapS Hex: 53
Name: "Capital S"
BBCode: S
LcapT Hex: 54
Name: "Capital T"
BBCode: T
LcapU Hex: 55
Name: "Capital U"
BBCode: U
LcapV Hex: 56
Name: "Capital V"
BBCode: V
LcapW Hex: 57
Name: "Capital W"
BBCode: W
LcapX Hex: 58
Name: "Capital X"
BBCode: X
LcapY Hex: 59
Name: "Capital Y"
BBCode: Y
LcapZ Hex: 5A
Name: "Capital Z"
BBCode: Z
Ltheta Hex: 5B
Name: "Theta"
BBCode: [font=arial][i]&#952;[/i][/font]
Lbackslash Hex: 5C
Name: "Backslash"
BBCode: \
LrBrack Hex: 5D
Name: "Right Bracket"
BBCode: ]
Lcaret Hex: 5E
Name: "Caret"
BBCode: ^
Lunderscore Hex: 5F
Name: "Underscore"
BBCode: _
Lbackquote Hex: 60
Name: "Backquote"
BBCode: [font=verdana]&#8216;[/font]
La Hex: 61
Name: "Small A"
BBCode: a
Lb Hex: 62
Name: "Small B"
BBCode: b
Lc Hex: 63
Name: "Small C"
BBCode: c
Ld Hex: 64
Name: "Small D"
BBCode: d
Le Hex: 65
Name: "Small E"
BBCode: e
Lf Hex: 66
Name: "Small F"
BBCode: f
Lg Hex: 67
Name: "Small G"
BBCode: g
Lh Hex: 68
Name: "Small H"
BBCode: h
Li Hex: 69
Name: "Small I"
BBCode: i
Lj Hex: 6A
Name: "Small J"
BBCode: j
Lk Hex: 6B
Name: "Small K"
BBCode: k
Ll Hex: 6C
Name: "Small L"
BBCode: l
Lm Hex: 6D
Name: "Small M"
BBCode: m
Ln Hex: 6E
Name: "Small N"
BBCode: n
Lo Hex: 6F
Name: "Small O"
BBCode: o
Lp Hex: 70
Name: "Small P"
BBCode: p
Lq Hex: 71
Name: "Small Q"
BBCode: q
Lr Hex: 72
Name: "Small R"
BBCode: r
Ls Hex: 73
Name: "Small S"
BBCode: s
Lt Hex: 74
Name: "Small T"
BBCode: t
Lu Hex: 75
Name: "Small U"
BBCode: u
Lv Hex: 76
Name: "Small V"
BBCode: v
Lw Hex: 77
Name: "Small W"
BBCode: w
Lx Hex: 78
Name: "Small X"
BBCode: x
Ly Hex: 79
Name: "Small Y"
BBCode: y
Lz Hex: 7A
Name: "Small Z"
BBCode: z
LlBrace Hex: 7B
Name: "Left Brace"
BBCode: {
Lbar Hex: 7C
Name: "Vertical Bar"
BBCode: |
LrBrace Hex: 7D
Name: "Right Brace"
BBCode: }
Ltilde Hex: 7E
Name: "Tilde"
BBCode: [font=arial]~[/font]
LinvEQ Hex: 7F
Name: "Inverse Equal To"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/7Fh_LinvEQ.gif[/img]
Lsub0 Hex: 80
Name: "Subscript 0"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]0[/size][/font] (?)
Lsub1 Hex: 81
Name: "Subscript 1"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]1[/size][/font]
Lsub2 Hex: 82
Name: "Subscript 2"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]2[/size][/font]
Lsub3 Hex: 83
Name: "Subscript 3"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]3[/size][/font]
Lsub4 Hex: 84
Name: "Subscript 4"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]4[/size][/font]
Lsub5 Hex: 85
Name: "Subscript 5"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]5[/size][/font]
Lsub6 Hex: 86
Name: "Subscript 6"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]6[/size][/font]
Lsub7 Hex: 87
Name: "Subscript 7"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]7[/size][/font]
Lsub8 Hex: 88
Name: "Subscript 8"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]8[/size][/font]
Lsub9 Hex: 89
Name: "Subscript 9"
BBCode: [font=courier new][size=x]9[/size][/font]
LcapAAcute Hex: 8A
Name: "Capital A Acute"
BBCode: &#193;
LcapAGrave Hex: 8B
Name: "Capital A Grave"
BBCode: &#192;
LcapACaret Hex: 8C
Name: "Capital A Caret"
BBCode: &#194;
LcapADier Hex: 8D
Name: "Capital A Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#196;
LaAcute Hex: 8E
Name: "Small A Acute"
BBCode: &#225;
LaGrave Hex: 8F
Name: "Small A Grave"
BBCode: &#224;
LaCaret Hex: 90
Name: "Small A Caret"
BBCode: &#226;
LaDier Hex: 91
Name: "Small A Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#228;
LcapEAcute Hex: 92
Name: "Capital E Acute"
BBCode: &#201;
LcapEGrave Hex: 93
Name: "Capital E Grave"
BBCode: &#200;
LcapECaret Hex: 94
Name: "Capital E Caret"
BBCode: &#202;
LcapEDier Hex: 95
Name: "Capital E Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#203;
LeAcute Hex: 96
Name: "Small E Acute"
BBCode: &#233;
LeGrave Hex: 97
Name: "Small E Grave"
BBCode: &#232;
LeCaret Hex: 98
Name: "Small E Caret"
BBCode: &#234;
LeDier Hex: 99
Name: "Small E Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#235;
LcapIAcute Hex: 9A
Name: "Capital I Acute"
BBCode: &#205;
LcapIGrave Hex: 9B
Name: "Capital I Grave"
BBCode: &#204;
LcapICaret Hex: 9C
Name: "Capital I Caret"
BBCode: &#206;
LcapIDier Hex: 9D
Name: "Capital I Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#207;
LiAcute Hex: 9E
Name: "Small I Acute"
BBCode: &#237;
LiGrave Hex: 9F
Name: "Small I Grave"
BBCode: &#236;
LiCaret Hex: A0
Name: "Small I Caret"
BBCode: &#238;
LiDier Hex: A1
Name: "Small I Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#239;
LcapOAcute Hex: A2
Name: "Capital O Acute"
BBCode: &#211;
LcapOGrave Hex: A3
Name: "Capital O Grave"
BBCode: &#210;
LcapOCaret Hex: A4
Name: "Capital O Caret"
BBCode: &#212;
LcapODier Hex: A5
Name: "Capital O Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#214;
LoAcute Hex: A6
Name: "Small O Acute"
BBCode: &#243;
LoGrave Hex: A7
Name: "Small O Grave"
BBCode: &#242;
LoCaret Hex: A8
Name: "Small O Caret"
BBCode: &#244;
LoDier Hex: A9
Name: "Small O Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#246;
LcapUAcute Hex: AA
Name: "Capital U Acute"
BBCode: &#218;
LcapUGrave Hex: AB
Name: "Capital U Grave"
BBCode: &#217;
LcapUCaret Hex: AC
Name: "Capital U Caret"
BBCode: &#219;
LcapUDier Hex: AD
Name: "Capital U Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#220;
LuAcute Hex: AE
Name: "Small U Acute"
BBCode: &#250;
LuGrave Hex: AF
Name: "Small U Grave"
BBCode: &#249;
LuCaret Hex: B0
Name: "Small U Caret"
BBCode: &#251;
LuDier Hex: B1
Name: "Small U Diaeresis"
BBCode: &#252;
LcapCCed Hex: B2
Name: "Capital C Cedilla"
BBCode: &#199;
LcCed Hex: B3
Name: "Small C Cedilla"
BBCode: &#231;
LcapNTilde Hex: B4
Name: "Capital N Tilde"
BBCode: &#209;
LnTilde Hex: B5
Name: "Small N Tilde"
BBCode: &#241;
Laccent Hex: B6
Name: "Accent"
BBCode: [font=courier new]&#180;[/font]
Lgrave Hex: B7
Name: "Grave"
BBCode: [font=courier new]&#96;[/font]
Ldieresis Hex: B8
Name: "Diaeresis"
BBCode: [font=courier new]&#168;[/font]
LquesDown Hex: B9
Name: "Inverted Question Mark"
BBCode: &#191;
LexclamDown Hex: BA
Name: "Inverted Exclamation Mark"
BBCode: &#161;
Lalpha Hex: BB
Name: "Small Alpha"
BBCode: [font=courier new]&#945;[/font]
Lbeta Hex: BC
Name: "Small Beta"
BBCode: [font=verdana]&#946;[/font]
Lgamma Hex: BD
Name: "Small Gamma"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#947;[/font]
LcapDelta Hex: BE
Name: "Capital Delta"
BBCode: [font=times new roman][size=x]&#8710;[/size][/font] (?)
Ldelta Hex: BF
Name: "Small Delta"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#948;[/font]
Lepsilon Hex: C0
Name: "Small Epsilon"
BBCode: [font=verdana]&#949;[/font]
LlBrack Hex: C1
Name: "Left Bracket"
BBCode: [
Llambda Hex: C2
Name: "Small Lambda"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#955;[/font]
Lmu Hex: C3
Name: "Small Mu"
BBCode: [font=verdana]&#956;[/font]
Lpi Hex: C4
Name: "Small Pi"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#960;[/font]
Lrho Hex: C5
Name: "Small Rho"
BBCode: [font=courier new]&#961;[/font]
LcapSigma Hex: C6
Name: "Capital Sigma"
BBCode: [font=arial]&#931;[/font]
Lsigma Hex: C7
Name: "Small Sigma"
BBCode: [font=arial]&#963;[/font]
Ltau Hex: C8
Name: "Small Tau"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#964;[/font]
Lphi Hex: C9
Name: "Small Phi"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#966;[/font]
LcapOmega Hex: CA
Name: "Capital Omega"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#937;[/font]
LxMean Hex: CB
Name: "X Mean"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/CBh_LxMean.gif[/img]
LyMean Hex: CC
Name: "Y Mean"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/CCh_LyMean.gif[/img]
LsupX Hex: CD
Name: "Superscript X"
BBCode: [font=times new roman][sup]&#215;[/sup][/font]
Lellipsis Hex: CE
Name: "Ellipsis"
BBCode: [font=verdana]&#133;[/font]
Lleft Hex: CF
Name: "Left Pointing Triangle"
BBCode: [font=courier new]&#9668;[/font]
Lblock Hex: D0
Name: "Block"
BBCode: [font=courier new]&#9642;[/font]
Lper Hex: D1
Name: "Per"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/D1h_Lper.gif[/img]
Lhyphen Hex: D2
Name: "Hyphen"
BBCode: -
Larea Hex: D3
Name: "Area"
BBCode: [font=verdana]&#178;[/font]
Ltemp Hex: D4
Name: "Temperature"
BBCode: [font=arial]&#176;[/font]
Lcube Hex: D5
Name: "Cube"
BBCode: [font=verdana]&#179;[/font]
Lenter Hex: D6
Name: "Enter"
BBCode: n/a
LimagI Hex: D7
Name: "Imaginary I"
BBCode: [font=times new roman][i]i[/i][/font]
Lphat Hex: D8
Name: "P Hat"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/D8h_Lphat.gif[/img]
Lchi Hex: D9
Name: "Small Chi"
BBCode: [font=times new roman]&#967;[/font]
LstatF Hex: DA
Name: "Stat F"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/DAh_LstatF.gif[/img]
Llne Hex: DB
Name: "Natural Logarithm E"
BBCode: [font=times new roman][i]e[/i][/font]
LlistL Hex: DC
Name: "List Capital L"
BBCode: [font=arial][size=x]L[/size][/font] (?)
LfinanN Hex: DD
Name: "Finance Capital N"
BBCode: [font=arial][b]N[/b][/font]
L2_r_paren Hex: DE
Name: "Two Right Parentheses"
BBCode: ))
LblockArrow Hex: DF
Name: "Block Arrow"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/DFh_LblockArrow.gif[/img]
LcurO Hex: E0
Name: "Cursor Overwrite"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E0h_LcurO.gif[/img]
LcurO2 Hex: E1
Name: "Cursor Overwrite Second"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E1h_LcurO2.gif[/img]
LcurOcapA Hex: E2
Name: "Cursor Overwrite Capital A"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E2h_LcurOcapA.gif[/img]
LcurOa Hex: E3
Name: "Cursor Overwrite Small A"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E3h_LcurOa.gif[/img]
LcurI Hex: E4
Name: "Cursor Insert"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E4h_LcurI.gif[/img]
LcurI2 Hex: E5
Name: "Cursor Insert Second"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E5h_LcurI2.gif[/img]
LcurIcapA Hex: E6
Name: "Cursor Insert Capital A"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E6h_LcurIcapA.gif[/img]
LcurIa Hex: E7
Name: "Cursor Insert Small A"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E7h_LcurIa.gif[/img]
LGline Hex: E8
Name: "Graph Line"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E8h_LGline.gif[/img]
LGthick Hex: E9
Name: "Graph Thick"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/E9h_LGthick.gif[/img]
LGabove Hex: EA
Name: "Graph Above"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/EAh_LGabove.gif[/img]
LGbelow Hex: EB
Name: "Graph Below"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/EBh_LGbelow.gif[/img]
LGpath Hex: EC
Name: "Graph Path"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/ECh_LGpath.gif[/img]
LGanimate Hex: ED
Name: "Graph Animate"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/EDh_LGanimate.gif[/img]
LGdot Hex: EE
Name: "Graph Dot"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/EEh_LGdot.gif[/img]
LUpBlk Hex: EF
Name: "Up Block"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/EFh_LUpBlk.gif[/img]
LDnBlk Hex: F0
Name: "Down Block"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/F0h_LDnBlk.gif[/img]
LcurFull Hex: F1
Name: "Cursor Full"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/F1h_LcurFull.gif[/img]
Ldollar Hex: F2
Name: "Dollar Sign"
BBCode: [font=arial]$[/font]
LsqUp Hex: F3
Name: "Square Up"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/F3h_LsqUp.gif[/img]
LsharpS Hex: F4
Name: "Sharp S"
BBCode: [font=verdana][b]&#223;[/b][/font]
LMPmixedFrac Hex: F5
Name: "MathPrint Mixed Fraction Separator"
BBCode: [font=verdana][b]&#765;[/b][/font]
LMPfracSlash Hex: F6
Name: "MathPrint Fraction Slash"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/F6h_LMPfracSlash.gif[/img]
LMPentryBox Hex: F7
Name: "MathPrint Entry Box"
BBCode: [img]http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/local--files/83lgfont/F7h_LMPentryBox.gif[/img]


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