68k To-Do List

If you have any suggestions whatsoever on content, feel free to add them here.


Virtually none of the command pages have been created yet. Here's a step-by-step process for writing a command page if you'd like to help. Skip any step you don't understand rather than struggling with it — some info is better than none.

  1. Title of the page should be "The —— Command"
  2. Start with the 68k command stub.
  3. Change the picture name to the name of the page, in lowercase, followed by .png — this will find the screenshot.
  4. To easily find the location, check the third tab of the command index.
  5. To easily find the command size, go to http://tigcc.ticalc.org/doc/estack.html and find the command.
    • Start with 1 byte since all commands take at least that.
    • If it's under the ExtTags or InstructionTags heading, add a byte.
    • If the syntax on the left has [ ] brackets at all (which usually means optional arguments) add a byte.
    • There are exceptions to this, but I think I've already documented them all.
  6. If you don't know what to write, check similar commands. Actually, check them anyway.
  7. If you don't know everything about the command, writing something still is better than no page at all.
  8. To figure out the errors a command can cause, scroll down the list and see if any apply.
  9. Add the category (command index, second tab) of the command as a parent. If it's in several, pick one.
  10. Tag it with 'command', every category it belongs to, and anything else that seems important.

A bunch of commands have a screenshot attached to that command's page. These don't serve any purpose, since the screenshots the page actually uses are attached to command-index. These ought to be deleted sometime, although this isn't urgent: if you do it, you'll get snaps from me, but I'm personally holding out for an update to the wiki software that will let me delete them all at once.

Missing Pages

See the red links over at the 68k Sitemap.

Incomplete Pages

  • All of the pages over at Code Examples are virtually content-less. If someone has any particular requests for routines and such, add them here.
  • Code Timings needs more comparisons: any requests?
  • Variable Names is finished, but it needs to be put somewhere for people to find.
  • Add more pages similar to List Optimization and link to them from Optimization.
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