The Title Command


Command Summary

Supplies the title text in one of several types of menus.

Command Syntax

Title text

or (with ToolBar only)

Title text-or-icon[,label]

Menu Location

Starting in the program editor:

  • Press F3 to enter the I/O menu.
  • Press 1 to enter the Dialog submenu.
  • Press 7 to select Title.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

3 bytes

The Title command is used in different ways with several types of menus:

  • Inside a Dialog..EndDlog block, it gives the title text for the dialog.
  • Inside a ToolBar..EndTBar or Custom..EndCustm block, it gives a title for a tab.

Usually, all that the Title command wants is a string that will be used for the title (the string() command might be useful for other data types). The exception is ToolBar: then, if the tab has no options under it, Title should also have a label to jump to when that tab is selected.

Advanced Uses

On the widescreen calculators (the TI-92, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200), a Toolbar tab can have a picture for a title (the result will look like the F1 tab of the default toolbar menu). To do so, create a 17x17 picture to be used as the icon, and use the picture variable in place of the tab's title string. If this syntax is used on a TI-89 or TI-89 Titanium calculator, the name of the variable will be displayed instead of the icon (the check for the picture size is still done, and will cause an error if it's the wrong size).

Error Conditions

120 - Argument must be a Pic or string happens when the title text is the wrong data type (in a toolbar).

130 - Argument must be a string happens when the title text is the wrong data type (in a dialog).

230 - Dimension happens when the icon (in a toolbar) is the wrong size.

530 - Invalid outside Dialog..EndDlog, Custom..EndCustom, or Toolbar..EndTBar blocks happens when Title is used by itself, outside a menu declaration.

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