The % Command


Command Summary

Divides a number by 100.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

  • Press 2nd CHAR to enter the CHAR menu.
  • Press 3 to enter the Punctuation submenu.
  • Press 5 to select %.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

1 byte

The % operator is a cheap shortcut for dividing a number by 100: for instance, 25% = 25/100 = 1/4. When used on a list or matrix, it divides every element by 100.

It's somewhat higher in priority than regular division, so you don't need parentheses as often with it: for instance, 4^50% is equal to 4^(1/2)=2, not to (4^50)%.

Related Commands

  • / (divide)
  • E

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