The Pause Command


Command Summary

Pauses the program until ENTER is pressed, optionally displaying text on the I/O screen.

Command Syntax

:Pause [expression]

Menu Location

Starting in the program editor:

  • Press F2 to enter the Control menu.
  • Press 8 to enter the Transfers submenu.
  • Press 1 to select Pause.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

3 bytes

Used by itself without parameters, Pause temporarily suspends the program until the ENTER key is pressed, displaying an indicator to that effect in the lower right corner of the screen. When ENTER is pressed, the program continues running from the next command in order.

Pause can also be given any expression as a parameter. In this case, it will display the expression on a new line on the Program I/O screen (just like Disp), and then pause the program as above. Unlike Disp, however, it can only display one thing.


Make sure to give Pause an argument if using it with Disp:

:Disp x

can be

:Pause x

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