The ‾ Command


Command Summary

Negates an expression.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

Press the ‾ key to enter ‾.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

1 byte

The ‾ operator gives the negative of the value immediately following it. It's not to be confused with the - operator, which subtracts two numbers — while on paper you'd generally use the same symbol for -2 and 4-2, the calculator has two different symbols, and negation is represented by the slightly shorter and higher dash.

You can also use ‾ to negate lists and matrices, which will negate each element, as expected.

           [‾1  ‾2]
           [‾3  ‾4]

Other pages on this site will use - to mean both subtraction and negation, where it isn't confusing.

Related Commands

  • + (add)
  • - (subtract)

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