The InputStr Command

Command Summary

Stores a string to a variable

Command Syntax

InputStr variable

Menu Location

In the program editor, press [F3][4]

Calculator Compatibility

TI 89(T)/92

Token Size

1 byte or 2 bytes

The InputStr command allows you to input a string to a variable. Since Input doesn't support the storing of strings into variables, you have to use this command to do that. Keep in mind that the inputted variable cannot be the name of a preexisting variable or flash application that is locked, protected, or archived. For example, if you had a program named "a" or "hello", the command wouldn't work because it is already in use.

InputStr A
//Here, you would a string to be stored to the variable A

InputStr hello
//This would store the string into the variable "hello".

Related Commands

Error Conditions

980 - Variable is locked, protected, or archived happens when the user attempted to redefine/modify an already defined variable.

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