This table lists all the possible error messages that can occur. The error number to the left is not displayed, but is stored to the errornum system variable, which can be used in a Try..EndTry block. Some error messages are very explicit (like # 810), but others are less so. Where the error message itself gave too little information, this table explains the error more thoroughly.

A large part of the information here was taken from Appendix B of the TI-89 manual.

Error Number Error Description
10 A function did not return a value
20 A test did not resolve to TRUE or FALSE
This error usually occurs when comparing an undefined variable, in a statement such as If.
30 Argument cannot be a folder name
40 Argument error
50 Argument mismatch
Two of the arguments must be of the same type.
For example, PtOn can be used with two numbers, or two lists. But a number and a list can't be used together.
60 Argument must be a Boolean expression or integer
For use with logic commands such as or
They can be applied to two truth values, or bitwise to two integers.
70 Argument must be a decimal number
80 Argument must be a label name
90 Argument must be a list
100 Argument must be a matrix
110 Argument must be a Pic
120 Argument must be a Pic or string
Happens with a Title used in a toolbar.
The "Pic" part only applies to the widescreen calculators, not the 89 or 89 Titanium
130 Argument must be a string
140 Argument must be a variable name
This can also indicate an invalid variable name such as 1xy.
150 Argument must be an empty folder name
Folders can't be deleted if they're not empty.
160 Argument must be an expression
For example, zeros(2x+3=0,x) is not valid because 2x+3=0 is an equation.
Use zeros(2x+3,x) instead — the =0 is implied with this command.
161 ASAP or Exec string too long
This error is caused by the assembly program RAM limit.
The limit is not present on HW1 calculators; on others, it's 8k with AMS 2.03 or lower, and 24k with AMS 2.04 or higher.
If you try to run an assembly program that exceeds the limit, you'll get this error.
163 Attribute (8-digit number) of object (8-digit number) not found
165 Batteries too low for sending/receiving product code
170 Bound
The lower bound must be less than the upper bound.
This error can happen, for example, with the zero finder on the graph.
180 Break
The ON key was pressed during a calculation or while running a program.
This error usually can't be caught by Try..EndTry blocks, unless it happens in a text prompt.
185 Checksum error
190 Circular definition
Circular definitions of a variable are caught: for example, a+1→a (if a is undefined).
But circular definitions of a function are handled by a limit on recursion depth.
200 Constraint expression invalid
See the page for the | (with) operator for more details.
210 Data type
An argument is of the wrong data type.
220 Dependent limit
The same variable can't be used as both an integration variable and a bound.
For example, ∫(sin(x),x,0,x) wouldn't be allowed.
225 Diff Eq setup
230 Dimension
An index went out of the bounds of a list or matrix.
For example, list[5] when list is equal to {1,2,3,4}.
240 Dimension mismatch
Some commands require their list or matrix arguments to match in size.
For example, you can't add the lists {1,2} and {1,2,3}.
250 Divide by zero
Take that, James Anderson!
260 Domain error
Some commands only accept numbers within a certain range.
For example, ans() only works with numbers 1-99.
270 Duplicate variable name
280 Else and ElseIf invalid outside If..Then block
Well, actually, Try..EndTry blocks also use Else.
But you didn't hear me say that.
290 EndTry is missing the matching Else statement
295 Excessive iteration
Happens when an iterative solver runs for too long without finding a solution.
This usually means there isn't one, except in truly horrible cases.
300 Expected 2 or 3-element list or matrix
This happens with commands that deal with 2 or 3-dimensional vectors.
307 Flash application extension (function or program) not found
308 Flash application not found
310 First argument of nSolve must be a univariate expression
English translation: the only undefined variable that can be in nSolve()'s expression is the one you're solving for.
320 First argument of solve or cSolve must be an equation or inequality
For example, solve(2x+3,x) is invalid because 2x+3 isn't an equation.
Of course, zeros() has exactly the opposite problem.
330 Folder
Sometimes the calculator likes being laconic.
This error happens in the VAR-LINK menu if a variable is stored to a folder that doesn't exist.
335 Graph functions y1(x)..y99(x) not available in Diff Equations mode
345 Inconsistent units
350 Index out of range
360 Indirection string is not a valid variable name
380 Invalid ans()
That is, that many answers haven't been stored yet.
390 Invalid assignment
400 Invalid assignment value
405 Invalid axes
410 Invalid command
420 Invalid folder name
430 Invalid for the current mode settings
440 Invalid implied multiply
The syntax a(b) is only used for function calls, not for multiplying a and b.
If a is not a defined function, the calculator assumes you tried to multiply, and gives this error.
450 Invalid in a function or current expression
A user-defined function can't change global variables, or use certain commands.
This also happens in prompts, such as the Data/Matrix Editor.
460 Invalid in Custom..EndCustm block
470 Invalid in Dialog..EndDlog block
480 Invalid in Toolbar..EndTBar block
490 Invalid in Try..EndTry block
500 Invalid label
Label names have the same limitations as variable names.
510 Invalid list or matrix
Lists can only be 1-dimensional (lists) or 2-dimensional (lists of lists).
Lists of lists are matrices, and any non-rectangular stuff (e.g. {1,{2,3}}) is not allowed.
520 Invalid outside Custom..EndCustm or Toolbar..EndTBar blocks
530 Invalid outside Dialog..EndDlog, Custom..EndCustom, or Toolbar..EndTBar blocks
540 Invalid outside Dialog..EndDlog block
550 Invalid outside function or program
560 Invalid outside Loop..EndLoop, For..EndFor, or While..EndWhile blocks
570 Invalid pathname
580 Invalid polar complex
You might think that this is a prohibition against building military bases on the North Pole.
Actually, this is used with the command.
For example, (i∠2) is invalid.
590 Invalid syntax block
For the miscellaneous errors with Dialog..EndDlog, Custom..EndCustm, and Toolbar..EndTBar blocks.
600 Invalid table
605 Invalid use of units
610 Invalid variable name in a Local statement
Reserved variables, for example, can't be made local.
620 Invalid variable or function name
The variable name is being used for a built-in function.
630 Invalid variable reference
640 Invalid vector syntax
650 Link transmission
665 Matrix not diagonalizable
670 or 673 Memory
680 Missing (
690 Missing )
700 Missing "
710 Missing ]
720 Missing }
730 Missing start or end of block syntax
For example, an If without an EndIf to go with it.
740 Missing Then in the If..EndIf block
750 Name is not a function or program
765 No functions selected
780 No solution found
Most commands usually think of something clever to return, instead.
So this error only occurs with the interactive graph tools.
790 Non-algebraic variable in expression
800 Non-real result
Only happens if the calculator is in real number mode.
810 Not enough memory to save current variable. Please delete unneeded variables on the Var-Link screen and re-open editor as current OR re-open editor and use F1 8 to clear editor.
830 Overflow
The possible range of a floating point number is between -101000 and 101000 (not inclusive).
However, sometimes an overflow is replaced by infinity instead.
840 Plot setup
850 Program not found
860 Recursion is limited to 255 calls deep
870 Reserved name or system variable
System variables cannot be deleted, for example.
875 ROM-resident routine not available
880 Sequence setup
885 Signature error
890 Singular matrix
895 Slope fields need one selected function and are used for 1st-order equations only
900 Stat
910 Syntax
An expression or entry just doesn't make sense. For example, 2+2+.
930 Too few arguments
940 Too many arguments
950 Too many subscripts
"Too many" is more than two.
955 Too many undefined variables
960 Undefined variable
965 Unlicensed product software or Flash application
970 Variable or Flash application in use
980 Variable is locked, protected, or archived
990 Variable name is limited to 8 characters
1000 Window variables domain
1010 Zoom
1020 Internal Error
1030 Protected memory violation
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