The DropDown Command


Command Summary

Creates a custom menu

Menu Location

Describe how to get the command from a menu.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

2 bytes

Similar to the Menu( command, the DropDown is used in a dialog box to make body text that includes a dropdown menu, with multiple options. This is good for use in text RPGs or game menus where a dialog box already exists and there isn't a need for another box. Look at this code for example:

:DropDown "Do you like food?", {"Yes", "No"}, t

This will create a window with the title as "Do you like food" and the options as "Yes" and "No". "T" corresponds to the choice you selected For example, if you chose "Yes", the "T" would be equal to 1. However, if you pressed "No", then "T" would be equal to 2. Basically, the value of your chosen variable will correspond to the choice you made in the window.

Error Conditions

730 - Missing start or end of block syntax happens when the command isn't put between a Dialogue/EndDlog block.

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