The .* Command


Command Summary

Multiples two values, using element-by-element multiplication for two matrices.

Command Syntax

value1 .* value2

Menu Location

  • Press 2nd MATH to enter the MATH menu.
  • Press 4 to enter the Matrix submenu.
  • Press K to enter the Element ops submenu.
  • Press 3 to select .*.

…frankly, just typing it is way easier.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

1 byte

In most cases, .* does the same thing as *. The difference only applies to multiplying two matrices. Whereas * uses the linear-algebra definition (see its article for details), .* does the simple thing and multiplies the matrices element by element (obviously, they must match in size for this to work).

:[1,2;3,4] .* [a,b;c,d]
        [a    2*b]
        [3*c  4*d]

Error Conditions

240 - Dimension mismatch happens when the matrices being multiplied don't match in size.

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