The Define Command


Command Summary

Stores a value in a variable.

Command Syntax

Define variable=value

Menu Location

Starting in the program editor:

  • Press F4 to enter the Var menu.
  • Press 1 or Enter to select Define.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

2 bytes

The Define command sets the value of a variable. At its simplest, it's an alternative to : Define x=5 is equivalent to 5→x. However, Define is also useful for defining functions or programs using Func..EndFunc or Prgm..EndPrgm respectively, which can't do:

:Define key()=Func
: Local k
: Loop
:  getKey()→k
:  If k≠0
:   Return k
: EndLoop

Advanced Uses

Using Define to create functions or programs is very useful when inside a program. If your program uses its own subroutines to perform simple tasks (such as the key-reading program above), you can define these subroutines inside the program itself, keeping everything in one file (it might be good to make them Local or use DelVar to delete them afterwards). Subroutines are useful for organizing a large program.

Error Conditions

190 - Circular definition happens when defining a variable (other than a recursive function or program) in terms of itself.

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