The Circle Command

Command Summary

Draws a circle on the graphscreen

Command Syntax

Circle X,Y,radius,drawing mode

Menu Location

  • Press [Diamond][F3] to enter the graphscreen
  • [F5][LEFT][LEFT] to get to the F7 menu
  • [4], then follow the prompts to draw the circle

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

1 byte or 2 bytes

The Circle command allows a person to draw a circle on the graphscreen. It can be drawn using the given keystrokes, or it can be called at the homecreen by typing it out.

Circle 0,0,5 
//Will draw a circle with a center of (0,0) and a radius of five.

Advanced Uses

The Circle command is based off of the window settings, so depending on how they are set up, it could draw a circle or an ellipse.

Command Timing

Unlike the Circle command from the 83+ family of calculators, the Circle command is very fast, drawing it almost instantly to the graphcreen, as demonstrated by the screenshot.

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