The arcLen() Command


Command Summary

Returns the arc length of expression1 from start to end with respect to variable var.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

Describe how to get the command from a menu.

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

X byte(s)

The arcLen() command uses the integral arc length formula to calculate the arc length of a function over the specified interval.


Advanced Uses

The arcLen() command also works on lists of expressions:

                         {3.820...  3.810...}

Separate unrelated advanced uses with a horizontal bar.


This section includes both ways to optimize use of the command, and other common pieces of code that this command can replace in an optimization. Make sure to mention if the optimization improves speed of the program, size, or both. Sample code should be included too, preferably in the following format:

can be

Related Commands

Several (around 3) commands have a similar function or are used in a similar context to this command. Make a bulleted list of them, with links to the other commands' pages. It will often be the case that several commands all link to each other.

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