The angle() Command


Command Summary

Returns the angle of expression, interpreting expression as a complex number.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

  • Press 2nd MATH to enter the MATH popup menu.
  • Press 5 to enter the Complex submenu.
  • Press 4 to select angle(

Calculator Compatibility

This command works on all calculators.

Token Size

X byte(s)

The angle() command returns the angle of a complex number. The argument may be an expression, a list, or a matrix. In the case of a lists and matrices, each element is evaluated individually and the result is outputted to the corresponding element of a matrix or list of the same dimensions as the original.

      {pi/2  tan^-1(1/3)}
      [pi/2  tan^-1(1/3)]
      [tan^-1(1/7)  pi/2]
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